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Manitoba announces committee to form international curling centre

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

In an effort to establish an International Curling Centre of Excellence (ICCE) in Winnipeg, Man., the province has selected a committee to help guide its development.

“Manitoba has a reputation as a world leader in curling, and we will build on that excellence with a centre to develop and support the sport at all levels,” said Premier Brian Pallister, in a press release. “We are bringing together some of curling’s best and brightest to help us develop a training ground that will nurture great talent from at home and abroad, and inspire the next generation of curlers.”

The committee will make recommendations to government on how best to establish a curling centre in Winnipeg.  The centre will be designed to promote curling at all levels, train and develop curlers and coaches to achieve top-class international performance, engage students from across the country and seek out and host international curling competitions. ICCE will strive to be recognized by every level of curling, said Premier Pallister.

“We have assembled a winning team with Manitoba’s top curlers, coaches and technical experts,” said Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage Cathy Cox. “We’re bringing together people who are passionate about this project and truly love the sport to help us find ways to fulfil our vision of a centre that will attract curlers to Manitoba and help grow the game.”

The committee is comprised of 13 players, coaches and icemakers with experience ranging from community to top-level international competitions. The committee will be chaired by mark Olson, a Brier champion, international level coach and past president of the Manitoba Curling Tour. The committee also includes some of Canada’s biggest names in curling, including Jennifer Jones and Connie Laliberte.

One of the committee’s first tasks will be to review similar centres in other jurisdictions and look for ways to partner with the private sector. The committee is expected to provide recommendations to the province by summer 2018.

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