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Lemay acquires Andres Escobar & Associates

Monday, December 7, 2015

On Dec. 1, the award-winning architectural firm Lemay announced its acquisition of Andres Escobar & Associates, a renowned interior design firm. This acquisition will further Lemay’s interior design capability and will help facilitate the company’s expansion into New York City and the Middle East, regions where Andres Escobar & Associates is strongly represented.

“Today’s announcement marks once again our desire to better serve the growing needs of our clients and to expand our business opportunities in new markets,” said Louis T. Lemay, company president, in a press release. “We are thrilled to welcome Andres and his exceptional team to our group. This is the right fit, as we both see design as a way to improve people’s lives through work for our clients. We look forward to working with Andres’ expertise as he brings to the table an impressive track record of unique and prolific high-end design and lifestyle projects in multiple sectors.”

Founded in Montreal in 1989, Andres Escobar & Associates first entered the New York City market in 2001, where it converted the Gretsch Guitar Factory into condominiums. It has continued to work on New York City-based projects such as Columbus Square, The Corner, The Harsen House, The Jade Hotel and Five Franklin Place (currently under development). The firm’s work can also be found in regions worldwide such as Seychelles, Miami and Abu Dhabi.

“I am equally delighted to join forces with Louis and the team at Lemay,” said Andres Escobar, principal, in a press release. “This is a very exciting development for our business. Our existing clients will immediately benefit from Lemay’s integrated approach, expanded services, broad expertise and creativity in multiple areas. We will considerably enhance our current offerings, expand work on larger projects and bring new value to our clients. I also look forward to developing new opportunities for Lemay around the world.”

This announcement comes just over one year after Lemay acquired CHA, MMA and DAA and created its joint venture in China. The newly-titled Escobar by Lemay will continue to operate from its offices in Montreal and New York, with Andres Escobar named design principal effective immediately.

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