Humber River Hospital

Humber River Hospital named Innovator of the Year

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Humber River Hospital, Upbrella Construction and McKesson Canada’s RelayHealth have all been named winners of PwC Canada’s 2017 Vision to Reality Innovator of the Year Awards. The award ceremony took place at Toronto’s Arcadian Loft on June 1.

Winners were chosen following the review of applications by an independent panel of judges. Applications were submitted this year in three categories: the Disruptor (for small organizations), the Builder (mid-market organizations) and the Visionary (large organizations).

In the Disruptor category (up to $25 million), Upbrella Construction was presented with the Innovator of the Year Award for improving the quality, security and construction of high-rise projects with their crane-less roof technology. Upbrella Construction starts with the roof and does not require a tower crane. The roof is equipped with lifting actuators, handling equipment and a protective enclosure. The workers, building and other buildings in the area are fully protected at all times, which allows for a faster job overall.

Humber River Hospital was presented with the Innovator of the Year Award in the Builder category ($25 to $500 million). Humber River Hospital is North America’s first fully digital hospital. Through its thoughtful design and interoperability, processes are fully automated and environmental and patient monitoring along with an improvement in communication and the development of new technologies ensure highly reliable and efficient patient care.

In the Visionary category ($500 million and over), McKesson Canada’s RelayHealth was named Innovator of the Year. Using a SaaS technology, RelayHealth is a powerful web-based interface that provides complete and secure information flow between patients and their healthcare providers, no matter where they are located. RelayHealth accelerates information exchange, assists in the collaboration between healthcare providers, advances patient quality of care and reduces overall healthcare costs for patients.

“We’re happy to see that different types of industries such as healthcare, construction, urban planning are paving the way for the future by investing more time and energy in developing innovative technologies to become more efficient. Innovation truly happens everywhere, in organizations of all sizes,” said Tahir Ayub, managing partner, markets and industries at PwC Canada, in a press release.

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