Forging post-secondary partnerships

Glen Weppler, Housing Officer, University of Waterloo
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What are some effective ways to work with a university or college?

One of the most important relationships a developer and/or property manager of student housing can foster is with the local post-secondary institution(s). College and universities have an interest in a student’s living environment because it forms the foundation of their life outside the classroom.

Students spend many hours at home, often live with friends and they can greatly influence their surroundings, especially if a large number of students live in the same neighbourhood. Colleges and universities provide listing services for landlords, share advice with both landlords and students, and some even offer mediation services, which can be very useful. Several universities and colleges are also involved in local ‘town and gown’ activities to promote good neighbourhood relations between students, landlords, permanent residents, municipalities and local businesses.

A good working relationship with a post-secondary institution can help fill a property off-campus and can elevate a student’s level of satisfaction both in their living environment as well as at school. Reaching out to the local post-secondary institution(s) early and often will be time well spent for any developer and/or property manager.

Glen Weppler is the housing officer at the University of Waterloo.

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