FGMDA incorporates to form EVOQ Architecture

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes (FGMDA), a Montreal-based architecture firm that specializes in heritage conservation projects, heritage planning, Inuit and First Nations architecture and residential and commercial projects, has incorporated under the name EVOQ Architecture.

The firm’s portfolio includes such high-profile buildings as the West Block of Parliament in Ottawa, the design of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) in Nunavut and the restoration of the public spaces of Toronto’s Union Station. Some projects will move forward under the FGMDA name during the transition.

The name EVOQ, derived from the word ‘evocative’, was chosen because it declares the firm’s commitment to conserving and creating meaningful architecture that relates to its historic or cultural context.

“The richness of any site comes from its unique characteristics and history,” said Georges Drolet, director of the firm, in a press release. “When we create, we want to evoke that particularity in the project’s overall design and details.”

The firm was first established in 1996 after the merger of two offices, which were founded in 1983. EVOQ will be led under the same management team of Alain Fournier, Julia Gersovitz, Rosanne Moss, Georges Drolet, Giovanni Diodati, Dima Cook and Éric Moutquin.

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