Diamond Schmitt and RWDI receive CaGBC award

Monday, November 5, 2018

Diamond Schmitt Architects and RWDI were presented with the Green Building Pioneer Award from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) of Greater Toronto for their innovative database, ecoMetrics.

“ecoMetrics was developed in response to the belief that improving energy literacy and setting an energy reduction target is a powerful incentive to achieve better green building results,” said Mike Szabo, principal at Diamond Schmitt Architects, in a press release.

The live interactive database analyzes building energy simulation models for a growing portfolio of over 70 Diamond Schmitt projects across a variety of building types. A dataset of over 10,000 points is captured in user-friendly graphics in a series of customized templates for energy use, carbon emissions, code and benchmarking systems.

“ecoMetrics creates a common language backed by a data-driven understanding of energy performance that allows for confident communication with clients and consultants and points the way to achieving low-energy building design,” said Birgit Siber, principal, Diamond Schmitt.

The Green Building Pioneer Award is presented to initiatives and individuals that demonstrate an innovative approach to the advancement of green building technology, products, design and performance.

“As a result, their unique passion pushes the industry, their competitors, customers and employees towards continuous improvement, ultimately helping the CaGBC achieve its ultimate goal of every building greener,” remarked the CaGBC in a statement.

Earlier this year, Diamond Schmitt also won the CaGBC Sustainable Design Award in the Institutional category for the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Environmental Sciences and Chemistry Building.

Photo (from left to right): Mike Szabo and Birgit Siber of Diamond Schmitt Architects; Mike Williams of RWDI.

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