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DIALOG and newstudio announce merger

Friday, March 31, 2017

DIALOG and newstudio architecture inc. are merging into one firm that will operate out of DIALOG’s Edmonton studio, effective April 1.

Newstudio is a boutique firm of eight designers that share DIALOG’s vision of improving the wellbeing of communities. Its portfolio includes a variety of multi-family residential, urban infill, smaller scale institutional, and re-zoning projects. Among their projects are the renovations at the recently completed Agriculture Life and Environmental Sciences Atrium at the University of Alberta.

“There’s a lot of great things about this for both parties,” said Tyler Dixon, newstudio partner, in a press release. “We’re really passionate about the city. The merger will allow newstudio and DIALOG to extend our collective expertise further than we’d each be able to do on our own.”

Newstudio leaders Dixon and Tai Ziola will be joining DIALOG’s partnership, bringing additional strength to the firm’s leadership team, while the newstudio team will become an addition to its interdisciplinary practice.

“We’ve found a great partner with newstudio,” added DIALOG’s managing principal, Jim Anderson. “Not only do they share our vision and live our values, but they also challenge us to engage with our community at a much deeper level. We truly believe that merging with newstudio will allow us to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities even more.”

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