Chandos to build research centre for CNL

Friday, October 5, 2018

National contractor Chandos Construction Ltd. has announced that as managing partner of CBS JV Corp., it has been selected as the first negotiation proponent to construct the Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre (ANMRC) for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). The project will be delivered using Integrated Project delivery (IPD). Chandos is the managing partner of CBS JV Corp, which also includes Bird Construction and Sullivan Construction.

The project has a total budget of $250 million and construction is scheduled to begin in 2019. CNL’s ANMRC will be one of the largest active research facilities to ever be constructed in Canada, and will enable world-class research in nuclear energy, public health, environmental stewardship and global security.  This project is part of the revitalization of the Chalk River campus and will consolidate key capabilities from a number of older facilities that are scheduled for decommissioning.

“This is an exciting new project for our team,” said Tim Coldwell, President of Chandos Construction, in a press release. “Given the scale of this new facility and the complexity of the nuclear infrastructure within it, we will be working closely with the technical experts in CNL, and our IPD partners.  We will also look for opportunities for members of the local supply chain in the Ottawa Valley to participate in the delivery of this project.”

Overall, services provided by the ANMRC will be critical to the life extension and long-term reliability of existing reactors, including Canada’s CANDU nuclear power reactors and other designs which are used around the world.

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