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solar panels

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Mississauga tests the waters with solar panels

The City of Mississauga is testing the waters with solar panels as a supplemental heat source for its busiest — and highest utility-consuming — outdoor pool this summer.
solar panels

Canadian Property Management

Solar panels installed at outdoor pool in Mississauga

Solar panels have been installed at an outdoor pool in Mississauga as part of a pilot programme.
gypsy moth

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Mississauga boosts efforts to mitigate invasive insects

Mississauga will be implementing an aerial spray program next spring to mitigate gypsy moths and cankerworms on both City and private properties.
food businesses

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Mississauga may toughen up inspection of food businesses

Mississauga staff want to create a new business licensing category to address food safety.
purchasing practices

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Mississauga adopts greener purchasing practices

The City of Mississauga is updating its purchasing practices in order to make the decision-making process much more sustainable and ethical.
port credit

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Draft plan unveiled for Port Credit waterfront development

West Village Partners recently purchased a 72-acre, former oil refinery site in Port Credit, Ontario.
iceland arena

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City of Mississauga slashes electricity use at rink

The City of Mississauga has slashed the electricity use of the ice-making equipment at its Iceland Arena during winter and shoulder season operations.