Industry News

casual workers

Study finds how employers can retain casual workers

Employers who help casual workers find meaning on the job may have an easier time retaining them, according to a new University of Waterloo study.
bed bugs

Canada’s top cities for bed bugs in 2019

Larger cities and travel centres saw significant bed bug sightings in 2019, according to Orkin Canada’s third annual list of top bed bug cities.
campus sustainability

Canadian universities rank high for sustainability

Canadian universities are celebrating their recent standings in the 2019 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, which measure campus sustainability.

USask scientists find potential toxicity of LCDs

A team of toxicologists at the University of Saskatchewan have discovered that chemicals used in smartphone and computer displays are potentially toxic.
self-cleaning surface

McMaster scientists invent self-cleaning surface

Researchers at McMaster University have made a self-cleaning surface that can repel all forms of bacteria, preventing the transfer of superbugs.

Hamilton deploys waste bins for safe needle disposal

Hamilton is placing disposal containers for sharps waste in select locations around the city to help reduce the number of improperly discarded needles.

When should founders retire from the cleaning industry?

Jansan company founders should ask themselves these questions when deciding what time is right to retire from the industry.
sustainability plan

Aramark announces new 2025 sustainability plan

Be Well. Do Well. Aims to source responsibly, operate efficiently, and to effectively manage food waste, packaging, emissions and other activities.
rainwater harvesting

Code recognition urged for rainwater harvesting

Expressly stated requirements for rainwater harvesting should simplify protocol for attaining permits and would align with the National Plumbing Code's water efficiency objective.
crumb rubber

McGill study reveals toxicity of artificial turf crumb rubber

Research is the first to use chicken embryos as a comprehensive model system for testing environmental toxins like crumb rubber.
fungal growth

Fungal growth degrading buildings: study

Microorganisms growing inside aging buildings and infrastructure are more than just a health issue, according to new research.
workplace injury

Saskatchewan rolls out workplace injury initiative

Saskatchewan is rolling out a three-year strategy to reduce the number of serious workplace injuries and fatalities in four key areas.
single-use coffee cups

UBC ditching single-use coffee cups, plastic food ware

UBC Vancouver will soon have less garbage to clean up across its campus.
New Sudbury Centre

New Sudbury Centre lauded for sustainable operations

New Sudbury Centre, the largest shopping centre in Northern Ontario, was recently celebrated for its many sustainable achievements.

Carbon tool launched for building materials

The Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool is a first that allows the building industry to analyze embodied carbon emissions of materials.
Rat complaints

Rat complaints on the rise, survey finds

Health inspectors report more rat complaints in apartments and private homes across the country.
trades training

Alberta increases skilled trades funding

The Alberta government is increasing skilled trades funding to provide young people more opportunities to explore trades careers.