Industry News

Ontario health training

Ontario offers free online health and safety training

The Ontario government's new online health and safety training touches on topics such as infection control, ladder safety, and preventing harassment.
ASHRAE society

ASHRAE introduces society president, elected officers

Charles E. Gulledge III has been introduced as the latest ASHRAE society president, along with executive officers and directors.
ACI toolkit

ACI releases COVID-19 toolkit for businesses

ACI has released Healthy Returns, a toolkit focused on supporting the reopening process for businesses and offices following the COVID-9 pandemic.
Saskatchewan school

$26M invested in Saskatchewan school maintenance

The government of Saskatchewan announced $25.9 million in stimulus funding for school maintenance projects, including those to improve energy efficiency.
bacteria corrosion

Reopening buildings face bacteria, corrosion issues

As buildings are reopened, inactive plumbing lines may cause bacteria and corrosion problems that lead to additional issues beyond the spread of coronavirus.
water quality

Ontario guide helps buildings restore water quality

Building owners and managers are responsible for water flushing activities to restore drinking water. Sometimes this process could take up to 12 weeks.

HRAI develops COVID-19 awareness training program

HRAI is developing a COVID-19 training program for residential applications with the potential to expand into small commercial and ICI sectors.
ASHRAE handbook

New ASHRAE handbook highlights systems, equipment

The 2020 ASHRAE handbook has been reviewed by subject matter experts to ensure they reflect current technologies and practices.

ANSI Standards for UV-C devices under development

The first ANSI Standards for ultraviolet C-band (UV-C) device performance are expected to be published before the end of the year.
Toronto Pearson infectious disease

Toronto Pearson launches infectious disease mitigation program

Toronto Pearson has launched its Healthy Airport initiative to monitor and mitigate the risk of infectious disease.
generator safety

Summer ideal for generator safety refresh

Following manufacturer guidelines and using the right fuel are just two of the summertime generator safety tips provided by OPEI.
Saskatchewan health facility

Saskatchewan health facility projects receive $17.8M investment

Saskatchewan health facility projects, including those for maintenance and upgrade projects, have received a $17.8 million investment from the government.
cleaning brands

Consumer confidence boosted by trusted cleaning brands

Surveys from Procter & Gamble show consumers are more likely to select a hotel or restaurant if they use cleaning products from a brand they recognize.

Buildings can now report energy and water usage for 2019

Building owners and managers can now report their 2019 energy and water usage to the ministry, with the deadline extended due to COVID-19.
Saskatchewan training

Saskatchewan launches employee training subsidy for reopening businesses

The program will reimburse eligible private-sector employers in Saskatchewan 100 per cent of employee training costs related to reopening.
Climate projections

Climate projections show Ottawa will get warmer, wetter

Ottawa will continue to get warmer and wetter year-round, with a greater chance of extreme weather, according to recent climate projections.
Saskatchewan construction long-term care

Saskatchewan invests $80M in construction, renewal of long-term care facilities

The government of Saskatchewan is investing more than $80 million into its long-term care facilities, including $7.2 million for maintenance projects.