Spring cleaning your warehouse

Often, we focus on the interior of the building and the grounds when spring arrives, but does your warehouse need a little TLC? Changing seasons

Great expectations

With increased attention from Canadians towards green initiatives, organizations are looking to become more sustainable to appeal to consumers, investors, and employees alike. To do

Finding great candidates for your commercial cleaning business

Most industries have experienced a labour shortage in the past few years and the commercial cleaning industry is no exception. Growing your business means growing

Keeping your carpets clean

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the carpets in your building, causing damage, increasing labour, and posing a potential tripping hazard. Creating a plan to
Hygieia Network

Commercial cleaning and the way forward

As the commercial cleaning industry continues to evolve, the roles of management, frontline workers, and everything in between are also changing. ISSA’s Hygieia Network has

The art of the janitorial cleaning cart

The cleaning cart is a fundamental tool for cleaners and janitorial staff, easing some of the labour stress, increasing efficiency, and helping to get the

Today’s top challenges for BSCs

Building service contractors (BSCs) have a lot of responsibilities on their lists, from improving their clients’ image to helping with health and safety. As the
mental health

Commercial cleaners and their mental health

With the heightened attention on cleaning and sanitizing, labour shortages, and shifting building occupancy, the last few years have certainly taken their toll on the
citric acid

Is citric acid a viable cleaning ingredient?

As we continue to evaluate our cleaning supplies and practices for sustainability, health and safety, efficacy, and more, some of the more common ingredients may

Using textiles to improve wellness and lower maintenance

Facilities today face stricter cleaning and maintenance standards, as the general public continues to become more informed about climate health, sustainability, and the environment. This

Overcoming objections to commercial cleaning

In today’s economy, many industries are finding sales challenging, and commercial cleaners are no exception. Whether the business has in-house cleaners, a small staff, or
daytime cleaning

Making the change to daytime cleaning

With all the changes in building occupancy, work-from-home, and flex hours still reigning, cleaners have had to make accommodations to get the job done in

Adding consistency to commercial cleaning

As the commercial cleaning industry continues to change and evolve, consistency has become more important than ever for companies looking to provide an elevated level
building occupancy

How cleaners can still thrive with lower building occupancy

As businesses continue to adapt and change in this post-pandemic landscape, remote work has had a significant impact on building occupancy. How does this affect
cleaning schedules

Mastering your cleaning schedules

As staffing shortages continue and we adjust to new service expectations, mastering your cleaning schedules helps to improve efficiency and save you money. A solid
customer relationships

How cleaning companies can build recession-proof relationships

As we face some uncertainty in the economy with rising inflation and talk of recession, it can cause anxiety on how best to secure a

The importance of relationships in commercial cleaning

In today’s economy, it can be tempting for commercial cleaners to focus more on the bottom line than on the relationships they’ve built along the