Finding great candidates for your commercial cleaning business

Finding and retaining top talent means a better bottom line.
Friday, January 12, 2024

Most industries have experienced a labour shortage in the past few years and the commercial cleaning industry is no exception. Growing your business means growing your team, so finding great candidates needs to be part of your business plan for 2024 if you have a growth mindset.

Define your ideal candidate

It’s hard to find what you’re looking for if you haven’t decided what that looks like. Defining what your company needs will help you narrow down the best additions to your company. This will require some thought into the future – while it is important to fill the positions you need immediately, you also need to think long-term and recruit employees who will go the distance.

Advertise availability

There are several places you can advertise openings for your company, from recruitment sites to job fairs and more, but how you present your listings matters, too. Be sure to list the duties for the job, experience required, compensation range, describe your company culture, and give an overview of what the day-to-day entails. You want to provide as much information as you can (in a concise manner) so interviewees don’t get any surprises during the interview process.

Leverage your current employees by asking them to share postings on their social media accounts to help reach a broader audience.

Set up for success

Once you hire your talented team, it’s time to focus on retention. Set up practices and protocols so everyone is on the same page, establish training and growth opportunities to keep staff happy and motivated, and communicate with your team and customers to strive to improve the experience internally. It’s expensive to recruit, hire and train new team members, so it’s worth the time and effort to get it right and keep those hires over the long haul. Listening to your teams and prioritizing work-life are great ways to create a company culture that encourages staff to stay with you long-term.

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Not only are your staff the best ambassadors for your company, but they are the heart and soul of your business. Attracting the right candidates makes it easier to provide exceptional service to your clients, but it also simplifies your life by reducing training, improving company culture, and increasing retention.

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