Exterior Cleaning

fall cleaning

Your fall cleaning checklist

We often focus on spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is important, too! Prepare yourself for the challenges of winter, get ahead of the snow and

Cleaning models for the post-pandemic reality

Post-pandemic workplaces have changed. With shifting schedules, flex hours, and smaller teams, commercial cleaners are once again pivoting to accommodate lower occupancy, while managing labour

Does automated cleaning give you a competitive edge?

Technology and automated cleaning have made huge strides in recent years, helping to address the ongoing labour shortage, and in many cases, improving hygiene and

Make your business pest-free this season

As temperatures continue to warm up, more people will be out and about seeking retail therapy and your business needs to be pest-free. From restaurants
pressure washing

Tips for effective pressure washing

Pressure washing can be a maintenance manager’s best friend, from cleaning out garbage cans to getting rid of graffiti to removing persistent dirt and grime

Taking steps to prevent and address vandalism

For maintenance managers, part of outdoor maintenance involves taking care of the grounds and making sure your building remains in its best possible condition. This

Staying safe on a step ladder

As the weather warms up and you start to conduct your annual spring building maintenance, focusing your attention on ladder safety is important. Reaching high
spring building maintenance

Top tips for spring building maintenance

Winter has officially ended, and it’s time to embrace spring building maintenance, taking the necessary steps to protect your building and your business in preparation
cleaning schedules

Mastering your cleaning schedules

As staffing shortages continue and we adjust to new service expectations, mastering your cleaning schedules helps to improve efficiency and save you money. A solid
automated and high-tech cleaning

The benefits of automated and high-tech cleaning

There are endless pros and cons to the continuous evolution of automated and high-tech cleaning. When it comes to the workplace, many people argue that

Birds and their effect on your building maintenance

Looking after a building is no easy feat and there are always threats to your building and grounds, from equipment failure to weather to birds.
commercial cleaning in 2023

A look at commercial cleaning in 2023

What can we expect in commercial cleaning in 2023? In the last few years, there have been so many changes in hygiene and sanitation, from
cleaning industry management standard certification

50 companies complete ISSA’s cleaning industry management standard certification

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, today announced that 50 companies have achieved the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification, including several prominent Canadian firms
parking garage

How to keep your parking garage clean

If you manage a building with a parking garage, keeping it clean means protecting one of your biggest assets, saving you from major potential expenditures

Drones are the future of facility cleaning

Cleaning drones are the future for facility management.

5 ways to create cleaner environments in schools

To ensure schools are taking the best first step forward, their cleaning operations should zero in on five key areas of focus.
flood cleanup

Ensuring safe and effective flood cleanup

Flood cause a host of problems for facility operators and cleanup crews, from foundational damage to mould.