Hurricane Harvey recovery

Retailers key to Hurricane Harvey recovery

Friday, September 1, 2017

Retail association networks have been enlisted to mend a storm-tossed supply chain and support Hurricane Harvey recovery. Residents and businesses in the flood zone will need to restock, assess damage and begin the cleanup and/or rebuilding of their properties, but some key players in that process are facing the same pressures. The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) reports that thousands of stores have suffered damage, while building product suppliers and construction/maintenance contractors grapple with their own losses.

“The sooner a retailer can recover, the sooner they can begin to help the community recover. Retailers impacted by the hurricane need our help now, and PRSM can assist by connecting them with our nationwide network of suppliers and repair companies who can help them get these stores reopened,” says Bill Yanek, the association’s chief executive officer.”

Affected retailers and suppliers/contractors positioned to respond can find each other via PRSM’s Hurricane Harvey X-Change Forum, an online connection to match needs and services. PRSM’s online buyers’ guide gives members access to maintenance, repair and product supplier companies, but retailers can also contact the association directly.

“PRSM is ready to help any retailer find the suppliers they need to make repairs,” Yanek affirms. “Without access to retail stores that sell home repair products, food, clothing, etc, it will only take longer for these areas to recover.”

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