RCO takes action on plastic waste

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) launches Plastic Action Centre, Canada’s first national resource tackling waste reduction.

Funded by Walmart Canada, the website is designed for Canadians to become more informed on plastic waste.

According to the press release Plastic Action Centre features:

  • Find What You Need
    All information is organized by issue: plastic chemistry types, microplastics, technology and innovation, production, recycling, the circular economy, and more.
  • Find Where You Need
    The website offers visitors the option to search for topics and developments province by province.
  • Ask an Expert
    RCO has convened an advisory panel of experts from across the country to share their knowledge and answer any questions submitted.
  • Who’s Taking Action
    The platform offers a single repository to track and celebrate all efforts to reduce plastic waste.
  • Community Engagement
    Visitors are encouraged to submit resources and activities that can be included in the Plastic Action Centre.

Walmart Canada is committed to reducing our own plastic use, recycling more and supporting improvements to the system,” says Lee Tappenden, president and CEO, Walmart Canada in the press release. “We are pleased to support The Plastic Action Centre to provide an important resource for Canadians to learn more about this critical issue and find ways to make a difference.”

According to RCO, this launch is just the beginning. “The Plastic Action Centre will improve, expand, and evolve as we continue to incorporate public input, initiatives, and actions as Canada continues to take a leadership role on plastic waste.”

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