Partnership urges Canadians to rethink plastics

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Canadian Geographic and Recycling Council of Ontario have partnered to launch Canada’s commitment to rethink plastics through an innovative plastic engagement program funded by the Government of Canada – 10,000 Changes.

“We all recognize that we have reached the tipping point in our history when it comes to waste, and specifically, plastic pollution,” says Jo-Anne St. Godard, executive director, Recycling Council of Ontario. “10,000 Changes offers Canadians the information and tools they need make simple changes about plastics, specific materials, and alternatives; and serves as a vehicle to recognize innovation, leadership, and most importantly, action to mitigate plastic waste.”

According to the press release, over the next 12 months, 10,000 Changes will:

  • offer a series of resources to help citizens, corporations, and businesses reduce their plastic waste;
  • provide important tools and resources to help shift behaviour through engagement;
  • provide Canadians with the tools they need to make informed decisions about plastics, and celebrate corporate innovation and individual action.

“Canadians and Canadian businesses are concerned about the impact of plastic pollution on our environment,” says John Geiger CEO of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Canadian Geographic Enterprises. “Through 10,000 Changes, Canadians now have a one-stop resource to learn about alternatives to plastic products that Canadian businesses are innovating to reduce our dependence on plastics.”

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