MLB Lysol partnership

Major League Baseball partners with Lysol for cleaner stadiums

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Major League Baseball (MLB) is partnering with Lysol and its parent company Reckitt Benckiser (RB) in an attempt to ensure heightened cleanliness and hygiene in its stadiums and training facilities.

The league, represented in Canada by lone franchise the Toronto Blue Jays, announced on October 14 it has entered into a multiyear deal that it says will “help reinforce and promote healthy habits and disinfection protocols for the league’s players, staff, and fans.”

The MLB release says that starting from the outset of the 2021 season, Lysol and MLB will also work together to employ the expertise of microbiologists and germ-kill experts to reinforce ongoing disinfection practices and protocols in ballparks, with a focus on high-touch germ hotspots.

In addition, beginning immediately in the remainder of the 2020 postseason, Lysol will provide professional-grade disinfection solutions to the league which will be made available to players and staff in dugouts, bullpens, and clubhouses, as well as in fan areas of ballparks. Lysol products are also being included in postseason hotel welcome kits for players, staff, and their families.

The partnership is aimed at further strengthening infection control and ensuring that stadiums are offering the safest and cleanest environment possible for players, staff, and the return of spectators.


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