GBAC STAR accreditation

GBAC STAR accreditation virtual bootcamp launches

The free virtual bootcamp is open to any and all facilities or service providers who have already signed up for accreditation.
Monday, April 5, 2021

Facility managers and industry workers will have the chance to be walked through the 20 elements of GBAC STAR accreditation at a new virtual bootcamp launching April 7.

The free virtual bootcamp is open to any and all facilities or service providers who have already signed up for GBAC STAR accreditation.

Attendees will join the GBAC staff as they take a deep dive into the 20 program elements required for the accreditation, answering your questions live.

This three-day bootcamp runs from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST each day. Maximum benefit would be reaped from attending all three sessions as different elements are covered each day.

Registration for the April 7-9 GBAC STAR accreditation bootcamp is full, but ISSA says the event will also be held May 24-26, June 28-30, and July 26-28.

Schedule overview

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • An in-depth view of the Model of Accreditation, a template tool used for submitting documentation.
  • Elements
    • 1 – Roles, responsibilities, and authorities
    • 2 – Facility commitment statement
    • 3 – Sustainability and continuous improvement
    • 4 – Conformity and compliance
    • 5 – Goals, targets, and objectives
    • 6 – Program controls and monitoring
    • 7 – Risk assessment and risk mitigation.

Day 2

  • Housekeeping and introductions. Brief Q&A.
  • Elements
    • 8 – Standard operating procedures
    • 9 – Tools and equipment
    • 10 – Cleaning and disinfection chemicals
    • 11 – Inventory control and management
    • 12 – Personal Protective equipment
    • 13 – Waste management.

Day 3

  • Housekeeping and introductions. Brief Q&A.
  • Elements
    • 14 – Personnel training and competency
    • 15 – Emergency preparedness and response
    • 16 – Infectious disease prevention practices
    • 17 – Worker health program
    • 18 – Audits and inspections
    • 19 – Control of suppliers
    • 20 – Documentation management.


  • Katie Cook – GBAC Program Manager, holds a bachelor’s degree in public health from the University of Georgia College of Public Health and is currently completing her MBA from Louisiana State University. Cook is passionate about helping individuals and facilities develop protocols to maintain healthy environments for employees and the public.
  • Hannah Wright – GBAC Analyst, holds a Master of Public Health from Western Michigan University. Wright has a background in research and health education and enjoys educating the facilities she works with on infection prevention to help keep their employees and customers safe.

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