Avmor launches podcast series for cleaning professionals

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Avmor, a leading Canadian manufacturer of professional cleaning solutions announced the launch of a new masterclass podcast series.

The podcast will feature training, education, and best practice topics.

“These are not ‘product sell’ podcasts — far from it,” said Mike Watt, head of training and product development at Avmor in the press release.

“These are very practical training programs that every cleaning worker encounter on a regular basis. Our goal is to promote safety, make the job of the cleaning worker a bit easier, reduce time, lower costs, and give our customers a competitive advantage.”

Avmor’s first podcast in the series explored how to wash a wall. Watt said other topics to be discussed over the next couple of months include the following:
• Removing a Stubborn Stain from a Carpet
• Why Does My Drain Smell?
• Removing Gum on Carpet.

The podcast is available at Avmor’s Media Center or can be listened to on Google, Spotify and soon on iTunes.

A new topic will be discussed every other Wednesday on a continuing basis.

For more information on the podcast series email marketingteam@avmor.com

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