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ARCSI Learning enjoying increased adoption

ARCSI Learning has registered nearly 600 cleaning professionals for its Professional House Cleaning (PHC) certification course.
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Less than a year ago, the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) introduced its online learning and training portal, ARCSI Learning, for residential cleaning companies.

To date, the portal has successfully registered nearly 600 cleaning professionals to take ARCSI’s Professional House Cleaning (PHC) certification course, and over 230 now hold PHC certification from ISSA.

Due to high demand, ARCSI also now offers the certification in Spanish in addition to English.

“We’re thrilled to see the overwhelming support and excitement for this program from residential cleaning companies, their employees, and their customers,” said Erin Lasch, ARCSI Program Manager. “To succeed as a professional cleaning provider today, it’s essential to not only believe in the science behind cleaning, but to understand it and utilize that knowledge. We aim to continue growing this program to reach residential cleaning professionals around the world.”

The ARCSI Learning portal includes two key courses:

  • PHC certification
  • COVID-19: What House Cleaning Professionals Need to Know, approved by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC)

Residential cleaning company owners have access to assign courses to staff, monitor their progress, and ensure completion. ARCSI also provides members access to regular educational webinars, as well as a library of previous webinars.

Additionally, ARCSI provides PHC-certified companies with a comprehensive marketing toolkit to help promote the achievement among its own staff members and to current and prospective customers.

“The way we approach cleaning has forever changed, so it’s important that our members invest in and showcase their skills,” added Lasch. “We look forward to helping more cleaning professionals reach their potential and help us change the way the world views cleaning.”

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