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ARCSI launches online learning platform for residential cleaning

ARCSI Learning's cornerstone course is a seven-module training program that helps verify cleaning professionals' skills and knowledge.
Thursday, October 22, 2020

ARCSI, a Division of ISSA, has this week launched an online learning and training portal, ARCSI Learning, for residential cleaning companies.

The Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Certification, the cornerstone of the platform, is a seven-module training program that helps cleaning professionals understand the “why” behind what they do. ARCSI Learning will continue to add new courses that address trending topics and key areas of focus.

“Taking part in continuing education opportunities allows residential cleaners to expand their technical knowledge, improve cleaning results, and enhance employee safety,” said Erin Lasch, ARCSI Program Manager. “We are thrilled to launch ARCSI Learning to address the top concerns of residential cleaning companies, provide a solid training solution for the residential cleaning industry, and continue to change the way the world views cleaning.”

The ARCSI Learning dashboard enables residential cleaning companies to assign specific courses to staff members and monitor their progress. Within the PHC Certification, each course concludes with a “knowledge check” to test participants’ skills. After completing all sections, enrollees take a certification test.

In addition to the PHC program, ARCSI Learning offers another course: COVID-19: What House Cleaning Professionals Need to Know, approved by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC). This offers specific information needed to perform residential cleaning safely and responsibly during the pandemic.

“This is a great resource for residential cleaners and helps ARCSI in its mission to further professionalize the industry,” added Lasch.

For more information on ARCSI, which also has a Canadian division, visit the ARCSI website.

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