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Showcasing trend elements in kitchens and baths

Kitchen and bath design can be pushed, and a lot of fun can be had when clients are focused on their personal design aesthetic.

Kitchen lighting is about mixing it up

When choosing lighting for a kitchen, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “Will this fixture give off enough light?” The kitchen is an

Make a bold statement with black in the kitchen

All-white kitchens have been the popular go-to the past few years: from countertops to cabinets and backsplashes. Now it’s time to make a bold style

2015 kitchen design trends

Like the fashion scene, kitchen design trends change from year to year. So, what are the latest styles being embraced by designers in 2015?

The growing appeal of large format tiles

In the late 2000s, a new type of tile developed out of Europe that was both very large and very thin. Today, large format tiles have tremendous versatility and appeal.

The push for exotic veneers

As evidenced at this year’s KBIS (Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show), one trend gaining significant ground in the kitchen and bath industry is the use of exotic veneers.
Kitchen Frigerator

The refrigerators of the future are here

Many kitchens today are designed around the refrigerator. Trends are now pointing to modern fridges that balance style, technology and capacity.
Informal Kitchen

Kitchen work zone concept

Designing an accessible and efficient kitchen layout for the whole family to enjoy
Kitchen Appliances

The next generation of kitchen appliances

The next generation of kitchen appliances is redefining the the home chef experience through high design and cutting-edge technology.

Colour trends for the kitchen

This year's overarching theme will focus on clean vertical and horizontal lines, using shades of grey and touches of vibrant colour.

Beyond the walls

The most significant trend is the kitchen that creates a seamless transition between indoors and out. Today’s kitchen contains all the desired accoutrements that can adapt to serve both spaces in a cohesive way.

The outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has become the new indoor kitchen, encompassing all the conveniences of an indoor kitchen so delicious culinary creations can be executed from start to finish outside.

Steam power

Steam oven cooking is a strong emerging trend in kitchens and steam-convection combinations offer the best of both worlds.
NKBA kitchen report

The “live-in” kitchen

The new kitchen revolves around changing where traditional work centres are placed within an expanded roomscape still labelled the kitchen.