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The next generation of kitchen appliances

High design and cutting-edge technology is reshaping the kitchen experience
Friday, November 8, 2013
By Megan Leahy

The next generation of kitchen appliances is here. High design and cutting-edge technology are penetrating the mainstream market, redefining the home chef experience. Ranges in punchy pop-art colours, whisper quiet hoods, convertible fridges and save-cook settings on ovens will all create ease in the kitchen.

Orange is the new stainless

Taking centre stage among slick white countertops and backsplashes, the newest designer kitchens are making a bold statement with colourful appliances. The appeal of stainless steel remains a favourite but why not select a bright orange range to add some energy to the space? Colourful kitchens are a big trend, especially in Europe, and colour does not have to be relegated to only walls and furniture.

Favourite deserts at the touch of a button

Innovative technology is also another top trend in the market. Ranges are now offering a variety of options from sleek flat front, built-in LCD touch screen control panels to Venetian glass handles. Homeowners can even manage and save settings used for cooking a dish, retrievable with the touch of a button. These types of state-of-the-art feature take the guesswork out of cooking, and are a long-awaited addition to any kitchen.

Quiet hoods

New range hoods are on the market that feature innovative suppression systems, making them incredibly quiet while drastically and reducing energy usage. LED lighting systems can also remain cool to the touch (and reduce energy consumption) while providing the brightness of traditional halogen lighting.

Convertible fridges

Consumers can also go so far as to customize their fridge. New models can feature versatile bottom freezers that change modes at the touch of a button.

This adaptability can mean additional beverage and hors d’oeuvre storage for entertaining, or expanded fridge space for a holiday turkey. Refrigerators today are designed to provide airflow throughout the unit, ensuring even temperatures from the top shelf to the bottom drawer.

When it comes to specifying a new fridge, it is important to consider the interior material. Standard home fridges come with a plastic interior (a porous material), in comparison to the superior, but much more expensive, stainless steel.

For a middle option, white aluminum interiors are now available, and are a more affordable option than stainless steel. But compared to plastic, aluminum is better at holding temperature, is anti-bacterial, sturdier and ultimately lasts longer.

Megan Leahy is a public relations specialist for Distinctive Appliances.

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