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The refrigerators of the future are here

The modern fridge balances style, technology and maximum capacity
Thursday, February 20, 2014
By Jennifer Brown

A refrigerator revolution is underway that embraces contemporary design, storage, flexibility and the capacity to store fresh food.

Today’s fridges boast impressive features that truly make them the hub of the home, and consumers are searching for more ways to keep their food fresher and lasting longer. The modern fridge has witnessed key changes in style, technology and organization.

Consumers want stylish kitchens, and they want appliances that are appealing and reflect the space’s design. Appliances are an important part of their home. They assist in showcasing the overall style of a space, and with their sleek and contemporary finish, can bring new life and functionality into the kitchen.

Stainless steel fridges provide a sleek look that can complement traditional cabinetry, adding a modern flare to conservative designs. New four-door refrigerators even feature extra space and custom temperature settings, and the French door configuration continues to provide convenience while maintaining a sophisticated air.

Consumers are interested in fridge customization. They want flexibility and enough capacity to store their fresh food for as long as possible. In response to this, companies have introduced various features to make this possible, including developing special dividers and drawers for organization and storage, whether by family preference or food type. Additionally, special cooling technology delivers optimal humidity for preserving food, locking in freshness and preventing odour transfer between compartments.

Fridges are also becoming more technologically advanced, and with consumers wanting more choice, appliance brands are delivering exciting new features. Fridges are becoming more energy efficient with LED light bulbs that consume less energy than traditional lighting.

Ever think about a touch screen monitor on a fridge? Home appliances are getting smarter — keeping families connected to the hub of the home. LCD touch screen monitors and apps allow consumers to manage groceries, write memos, enjoy family photos and even monitor their Twitter feed.

More and more homeowners want to design their kitchens around their fridge. From a sparkling water dispenser to extra storage to dual evaporators for custom temperatures, today’s fridges boast exciting features that continue to showcase incredible style, new technology and maximum capacity for organizing fresh food.

Jennifer Brown is a freelance writer.

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