2015 kitchen design trends

Contrasting textures and rustic are this year's leading styles
Monday, April 13, 2015
by Sandra Mendes

Like the fashion scene, kitchen design trends change from year to year with a new look and feel embraced by designers to reflect current tastes. So, what are the latest kitchen design trends for 2015?

Contrast, contrast, contrast

No doubt about it, 2015 is all about contrast. Contrasting textures, contrasting styles and contrasting colours are the big story today. All of these differing elements add a whole new stylish and exciting dimension to kitchen design.

To texture or not to texture

Textured finishes are definitely hot for this year, with a particular trend for heavy organic textures such as salvaged wood and luxuriously grained laminates. Often paired together with smooth, glossy surfaces, these distinctive textures help balance the ultra slick and sheik design elements that have been dominating the kitchen world.

Rustic with a splash of modern

Yes, it’s true. Rustic, natural materials can be paired with clean modern elements for the hottest look of the year. Don’t be surprised to see hand finished salvaged wood contrasted with contemporary cabinets. Also look for vintage accents, particularly with seating, lighting and accessories, where industrial and period elements take centre stage.

Gloss meets matte

In contrast to the popular high-gloss look of the past year, there’s a new focus on matte and ultra-matte finishes. This anti-gloss trend is not only for cabinets, but for all areas of the kitchen, from countertops to tiles, hardware and even light fixtures.

Luxe metallics

2015 shifts away from the hum-drum brushed stainless or sleek metal finishes of yester-year, with more focus on uncommon finishes, particularly matte black and unexpectedly, bronze and brass highlights for those upmarket touches. It’s an easy way to add a bit of sparkle and interest to any kitchen.

Black, white and several shades of grey

There’s a definite shift away from the stark bright white finishes to more soft subtle whites. In addition, unlimited shades of grey continue to be very popular.

Another continuing trend is the use of more than one colour for cabinets, with some people even opting for up to three different colour palettes for a truly daring look.

Islands are the obvious choice for featuring an accent colour, however, decorative hood fans, buffets or other areas of interest can also be used as a focal point. To keep things interesting, also expect some exciting colours to make an appearance this year, like bright reds and intense greens.

The stylish chef

Overall, when it comes to the hottest kitchen trends of 2015 expect to see clean simple lines, open airy shelving along with contrasting textures and colours.

Regardless of individual taste, style and budget, an almost unlimited selection of cabinetry and finishes can help create a unique stylish space that reflects the true inner chef.

As a senior project designer with AyA Kitchens corporate offices, Sandra Mendes has almost two decades of experience in the kitchen and bath industry. Her passion for design reflects the simple idea that effective and resourceful solutions can positively enhance everyday lives.



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  1. Hi Sandra,

    I see that this article is a couple years old now. Although, I’m sure still timely to some degree. So, I’m just wondering, what are your thoughts for 2017 kitchen designs? Do you think they’ve changed that much in a couple years?
    We’re contemplating making some changes in our kitchen, and seeking out some advice.


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