Constructing the future with drones

Drones are playing an important role in addressing the challenges of improved efficiencies on jobsites and across the construction industry.
5G rollout could bring clutter of antennas

5G rollout could bring clutter of antennas

Making buildings smarter could force some aesthetic trade-offs in commercial buildings as 5G services begin arriving on the mid-band and high-band of the spectrum.

Pandemic is fast tracking adoption of automation

While the building industry has been slower to embrace technology, the pandemic has accelerated the automation push for many companies.

Construction predictions for 2021

With construction projects challenged as a result of the pandemic, many companies are reimagining their business models.

A smart business case for GHG reduction

Smart buildings offer the best hope to reduce carbon effectively, reduce energy costs and provide good return on investment.
building information modelling

Bergeron Centre a model for fully integrated BIM

The use of building information modelling to develop the Bergeron Centre at York University earned the project a Canada BIM Council award.

Boost business operations with the cloud

With technology more integral in construction operations than ever before, the cloud is a natural step for companies looking to save money, stay connected to remote sites, and improve business operations.

Improving geoexchange systems

Geoexchange and heat pump technology is long established, with the first systems developed and implemented in the 1950s. With increasing awareness, improved equipment and industry

Emerging trends in energy management

In recent years there have been significant advances in both the technologies used at home and work, and in those designed specifically to help with energy management across all types of buildings.

Etobicoke development breaks new ground

A new Etobicoke development has broken ground — in more ways than one. On the GO Mimico, now under construction, will be Toronto’s first high-rise

Home automation is sparking new opportunities

Technical advancements in home automation and rising consumer expectations have left electrical contractors in an enviable position.

District energy a proven technology

Technological solutions such as district energy are proving effective in reducing the carbon footprint ...

Core sunlighting

Core sunlighting is a system that gathers natural sunlight, concentrates it and delivers it deep into a building’s interior, not just the area along ...