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Road salt usage causing problems in Ontario

Property managers are using large amounts of road salt this winter. But overuse is taking its toll on their' pocketbooks and the environment.
cleaning chemicals

Cleaning chemicals create post-flood hazards

Cleanup of flood damaged properties must be approached with a knowledge of chemistry so that the cleaning ...
radon testing

Energy-saving checklist for facility managers

Here are seven strategies to reduce energy wastage.

Five ways to reduce HVAC system costs

Through a combination of smart purchasing, maintenance programs and strategic planning, building managers ...

Market responds to energy performance postings

Evidence shows that increasing the visibility of actions to reduce energy costs and consumption helps to draw support and build momentum.

Recognizing safety threats in the janitor’s closet

Cleaning chemicals rely on powerful formulas to help loosen and remove soils and contaminants from all types of surfaces. When used properly, they are generally safe. When used improperly, problems can arise.
LED light

LED lighting retrofit

To get the greatest value out of a LED lighting retrofit, ask about a manufacturer’s product testing, quality control and sustainability practices.

Facility management’s role in design

It’s only in the post-construction phase that facility management professionals are brought on board to minimize the operational and maintenance costs that will determine the building’s performance over its life span. The reality ...

Reducing the risk of Legionella

Any water source in a building that can be aerosolized may be a Legionella risk, particularly where the water is dirty, remains still or is not exposed to a ...

The importance of networking

Networking is a way for property and facility managers to interface and surround themselves with resources that, at some point, will solve a problem, find resources or provide advice about an issue.

Intellectual properties

Building automation systems enable buildings to generate limitless data and information on nearly every aspect of a building and then share it among systems to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire facility.

Barriers abound in existing built environment

Voluntary action will continue to be the predominant dismantler of barriers in Ontario’s built environment and landscapes ...

Flooding brings immediate, downstream costs

Water spills, leaks and floods are a common occurrence that can have a costly impact on public and workplace safety and building operations.

Legislation gets to the heart of health and safety

Manitoba is the first Canadian province to mandate automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in specific facilities.

How to combat IAQ problems

Today, it’s not enough to understand building maintenance; property managers need to also understand the need to maintain a building’s supply of healthy air. And the best way to learn to combat poor indoor air quality is to follow these three ...

Clean smarter with microfibre mopheads

While often more expensive than traditional cleaning cloths and mopheads, microfibre products tend to be more absorbent, use significantly less chemicals and water, and clean surfaces more effectively.

The ins and outs of outsourcing

While there are still quite a few organizations that prefer out-tasking to outsourcing, the number of organizations that now outsource has skyrocketed and the provision of these services has become intensely competitive.