Caesar Ruest & Patrick Saavedra

BIM raises the bar

This video report looks at building information modeling. Commentators: Caesar Ruest, a BIM solutions executive at Autodesk Canada, and Patrick Saavedra, manager of planning and architectural design at York University.
Andrew Pride & Tom Kovendi

Save on energy

This video report looks at how incentive programs can help businesses reach energy conservation targets. Commentators: Ontario Power Authority's Andrew Pride and Cadillac Fairview's Tom Kovendi.
Rick Huijbregts & David Katz

Smart buildings

This video report looks at smart buildings and integrating intelligent technologies into buildings. Commentators: Cisco Systems' Rick Huijbregts and Sustainable Resources Management's David Katz.
Keith Bannon & Anthony Cho

Project delivery methods

This video report looks at whether construction management is the preferred project delivery method. Commentators: Keith Bannon, a partner in the law firm of Glaholt LLP, and Anthony Cho, an associate at Stantec.
Terence O'Connor & Jelle Vonk

Green from the top-down

This video report looks at the different types of green roofs. Commentators: Firestone Building Products' Terence O'Connor and ZinCo Canada's Jelle Vonk.
Jon Kieran, Jason Gray, Darren Cooper

A bright future for solar energy

This video report looks at advancements in photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. Commentators: EDF EN Canada's John Kieran, SunEdison's Jason Gray and Glenbarra Energy Management's Darren Cooper.

Cost control in construction

This video report looks at how to manage construction costs. Commentators: EllisDon's Thomas Strong and Pelican Woodcliff's Ronnie Mandowsky.