Asset Management


Proactive sustainable repairs for aging assets

Opportunities to transform existing buildings into more energy efficient assets arise when forming a capital plan and thinking long-term.

WELL Building Standard poised to accelerate

Further refinement of the WELL Building Standard is expected as a plethora of studies point to the growing concern for health and wellness.

Canadian GRESB results lead the larger pack

Global sustainability benchmark places 2015 Canadian achievement more in line with the top-ranked Australia/New Zealand region than with the 144 U.S. participants.

Infrastructure grapples with climate change

Sustainable leaders in the industry are encouraging municipalities and building owners to grapple with climate change and protect the value of assets.

Returns on repositioning aging buildings

Whatever the strategy, value enhancement is the rationale for repositioning aging buildings.

Data detours on the information highway

The OSCRE is working to devise and implement specifications for system interoperability that would allow data to move between disparate systems without the need for customized interfaces.

Determining an aging building’s fate

The key to deciding an aging building's fate is to understand, through accurate data and analysis, the condition, function and usage of the building.

Valuation lags market

Appraisers have been slower to recognize the value of energy efficiency and other green features that many owners, property managers and investors now factor into the inherent worth of a building. The gap in perception can complicate ...