TIPS names top innovations of the year

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 and The Infection Prevention Strategy have announced the winners of its Top Innovations of the Year for 2019. This year’s focus was on global health.

Finalists are previously determined through a Call to Action for nominations.

Here are the Top Innovations of the Year in no particular order:

CASPR Medik™ Solution by the CASPR Group was created as a facility-wide solution and it is safe to use in occupied spaces. The levels of molecules put out are 33 times less than OSHA and other guidelines. In recent hospital studies, CASPR reduced employee absenteeism by over 40 per cent as the product not only reduced the HAI-causing pathogens, but also substantially reduce moulds, fungus, H1N1, and more.

THE ANNIHILYZER® INFECTION CONTROL SYSTEM by PCT Health provides a suite of electrostatic applicators including handheld, backpack, and automated 360-degree carts to minimize labour. The Annihilzer also includes patented bottle tracking for auditing and electronic protocol management and reporting systems all in one package. Management can now track what disinfectant was used in what room by what staff and what protocols were used at the touch of a button.

PathO3Gen Solutions FSS utilizes its patented Solestice 3/15 Technology to prevent and destroy 99.9 per cent of all microorganisms colonizing footwear, thus eliminating the deadliest pathogens before they spread. It is the only patented technology that utilizes UVC + Ozone. This combination cracks the outer capsid and denatures the DNA of pathogens, thus preventing regeneration. When incorporated into a comprehensive infection control program, the PathO3Gen Solutions Footwear Sanitizing Station can help reduce the risk of HAIs.

OGOW Medical Records System: Somalia‘s primary goal is improving the delivery of immunizations in Somalia by empowering and equipping practitioners and caregivers with digital solutions that are easy-to-use, in Somali language and able to revamp the current procedure of immunizations.

AP-4 ™ High-Level Disinfection System is an ultrasonic high-level disinfection machine capable of eliminating 100 per cent of pathogenic bio-burden including C. difficile spores, VRE, MRSA, CRE and C. auris in a treated space. The ultrasonic transducers create sub-micron droplets at a density of 3-5 trillion/cubic foot that permeates every nook and cranny in the entire room getting 3-D coverage of all surfaces. It uses a very low concentration (1.06%) of PAA that is effective on all surfaces including curtains.

High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF™) offers several High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF) tools in the fight to control Legionella and pathogen levels in building water systems.
The HUF systems, featuring hollow fibre membrane technology from German innovators, Seccua GmbH, filter out nearly all bacteria, parasites, viruses, and nutrient particulates, with low-pressure loss. This keeps systems clean, minimizing biofilms, fouling, corrosion, and risk of a disease outbreak. Disinfectant residuals (whether provided municipally or onsite) remain in the water, with much higher effectiveness, due to drastically reduced biomass and sediment. This adds up to healthier buildings, happier residents, and reduced liability risk to owners.

UV-CLEAN by Proximity Systems offers an affordable and powerful automated disinfection solution that will give healthcare facilities the peace of mind they deserve when battling germs on high-touch surfaces. As new automated disinfection technologies are being developed and implemented, ultraviolet disinfection has emerged as a powerful line of defence against the spread of infectious pathogens on high-touch surfaces that cause HAIs.

TapSnap   Flushing Surveillance Monitors snap directly to high-risk water outlets like showers, aerated-faucets, and eyewash stations. They combine a sensitive vibration sensor with a timer and LED light. When the monitor senses no water flow in the outlet (i.e. no vibration) that exceeds a stagnation timer setting, the red LED flashes alerting staff the outlet needs flushing. Turning on the water and flushing for the appropriate time will reset the LED to green. Flushing times are variable and depend on how long the outlet has been stagnant (i.e. longer stagnation requires longer flushing). Premature termination of flushing will cause the sensor to revert to the flashing red LED. The monitor is battery-powered, easy to install or remove, and water-resistant.

Theraworx Protect by Avadim Health, Inc., is a topical, immune health system designed to stage the patient’s skin for improved quality of care. Theraworx Protect is designed to be a SMART approach to address Stratum corneum optimization, minimization of biofilm synthesis, antimicrobial barrier support, the reestablishment of healthy inflammatory response and tissue respiration support.

Environmental Services (ES) Optimization Playbook by ESOP Initiative is a collaborative approach to support reliable design (standardization of evidence-based practices) for environmental cleaning and disinfection in health care facilities in alignment with AHE Standards, to reduce the risk of HAIs resulting in a playbook/resource guide to drive sustaining gains for Antimicrobial, Resource, and Economic Stewardship.

Medical Office and Healthcare Furniture by Kwalu does not have surface joints or seams and does not support microbial growth, and are warranted for 10 years.

From functional patient room furniture such as recliners, sleeper sofas, and case goods, to stylish medical waiting room furniture and guest chairs; our commercial healthcare furniture is purposefully created for healthcare environments.

EvaClean’s Touchless Disinfection & Sanitizing by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives uses data to deliver process improvement and a streamlined approach to optimal cleaning and surface disinfection within healthcare institutions and other industries. By standardizing protocol around highly efficient application methods like electrostatic spraying technology and industry-leading chemistries like NaDCC sporicidal disinfection tablets, compliance can be improved, processes can be easily scaled across staff of any size, and continuing education can be more targeted by using measurable auditing to identify areas of strength or weakness in any process. By using technology to deliver efficiency to the housekeeping staff, outputs can be increased up three-fold within existing time, staffing, and budget constraints.

SILVERbac by Novel Technologies Holdings Limited helps to combat pathogens such as E. coli and MRSA, creating a safer environment for medical procedures. SILVERbac can be incorporated across a variety of substrates, from scrubs to sheets, and even into technical equipment.

Trust Medical by Lighthouse Healthcare Partners is a single wipe dispensing system to prevent cross-contamination. Powered by DisinfecTech technology to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces. Compatible and stable with Defender Sporicidal, Cleaner and Disinfectant.

All award winners will be on display at the upcoming The Healthcare Infections Transmission System Conference (#HITS2019) in Buffalo, N.Y. Aug. 5-8, 2019.

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