Montreal suburb moves to ban leaf blowers during summer

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A city in Quebec has moved one step closer to banning the use of leaf blowers during summer months.

Beaconsfield, a suburb on the Island of Montreal, passed the motion at  Monday night’s council meeting, with the council likely to cast its final vote on the measure at next month’s meeting.

“We started looking at this because of the noise,” Beaconsfield Mayor Georges Bourelle told CBC Montreal’s Daybreak Tuesday.

However, it’s not just the racket that comes from the machines, which are the problem, Mayor Bourelle added.

Their use causes debris particles to remain suspended in the air and have a “big impact on people with health issues — particularly children; particularly the elderly,” he said.

“We are talking about a threat to our health and to the environment,” Bourelle said. “We are talking about sweeping mould, sweeping fungal spores, sweeping insect eggs, weed seeds, fertilizers, animal feces and dust.”

The motion to ban the use of leaf blowers from June 1 to Sept. 30 is set to be adopted at the July council meeting and would go into effect, Jan. 1, 2019.

Parts of Vancouver already ban the machines, while similar restrictions have been put in place in California.

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