digital Earth Day 2020 focuses on individual actions for collective change

Individual actions drive digital Earth Day 2020

Friday, April 3, 2020

Earth Day has gone digital for 2020. Actions to mark this year’s 50th anniversary are already occurring, in homes and online, as organizers launched 22 days of daily challenges for promoting climate change resilience on April 1. All challenges align with Earth Day 50’s SAVE framework — an acronym for: Speak up; Act; Vote; Educate.

“The intrinsic connections between human health and planetary health sparked the first Earth Day in 1970 and, today, we must rise to meet these dual crises again,” reflects Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network. “Though we may be physically apart, we’re all in this together. Individual actions, when working together for a common good, can create a mass movement of change.”

Each day’s challenge is posted on the Earth Day Network’s social media platforms at @earthdaynetwork. In turn, participants are encouraged to share news of their efforts with the hashtags #EarthDay 2020 and #EARTHRISE.

Daily actions will reflect key Earth Day themes such as: trash cleanup; dietary change to reduce individual greenhouse gas footprints; energy conservation; and looking to the power of science. Participants are urged to view digital Earth Day 2020 as an opportunity to become better informed and engaged in climate change issues and to communicate their learnings to others — from an appropriate distance. Organizers of online Earth Day events can also register them on the Earth Day Network website to reach out to prospective attendees worldwide.

“This 22-day series will allow people to connect through challenges to take action right now, and every day, for our planet,” Rogers asserts. “Because no matter where you are in the world, we are connected by a fierce and urgent determination to overcome our shared emergencies, be it coronavirus or climate change.”

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