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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Shoring up water conservation practices

In preparation for World Water Day, here are five water conservation tips for facility managers and service providers.

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How to make laundry practices more eco-friendly

It takes a lot of resources to get linens clean. How can businesses make their laundry practices more sustainable and reap the associated benefits?
Rain City Strategy

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Vancouver adopts new Rain City Strategy

Vancouver recently approved an ambitious green rainwater infrastructure initiative called the Rain City Strategy.

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Lead pipe replacements on track in Saskatoon

A goal to replace lead pipes that link older homes and businesses to Saskatoon’s main water supply is progressing as planned.
water quality

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Demand for UV disinfection equipment to multiply

Global demand for ultraviolet disinfection equipment is expected to rise as users seek to improve water quality and reduce chemical use.
lengthy building shutdowns could increase the risk of Legionnaire's disease

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Health care facility patients at risk for Legionnaires’ disease

A report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. found that patients in health care facilities are at risk for Legionnaires’ disease.
water-taking permits

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Ontario imposes new rules for water-taking permits

Ontario plans to impose a two-year hold on all applications for water-taking permits for new or expanding water bottle operations.