mandatory vaccination

Commercial landlords expected to confirm requisite vaccinations of building personnel in federally leased space

Canadian Property Management

Landlords must certify requisite vaccinations

Commercial landlords will be expected to verify the vaccination status of building personnel, including contractors and subcontractors, who enter premises that the Canadian government leases.

Construction Business

Chandos joins in mandatory vaccine for employees

Chandos Construction will require all employees across the country to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, following similar announcements by other major Canadian contractors.

Construction Business

Ellisdon, PCL implement mandatory vaccination

EllisDon and PCL Construction, two of Canada's largest general contractors, are implementing vaccination verification requirements.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

POTUS plans to enforce vaccination for large cleaning companies

A new plan proposed by U.S. President Joe Biden would require all organizations with 100+ employees to mandate vaccination for workers.
vaccination mandatory

Construction Business

Majority of businesses plan mandatory vaccination

Majority of Canadian businesses are making or plan to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for their employees.