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POTUS plans to enforce vaccination for large cleaning companies

A new plan proposed by U.S. President Joe Biden would require all organizations with 100+ employees to mandate vaccination for workers.
COVID-19 vaccines

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines on university campuses: An obvious solution or a problem?

Universities need to consider what a gentler return to campuses might look for students this time around compared to 2020.
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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Hotel housekeepers now being paid to get COVID-19 vaccine

Some employers are starting to offer paid time off as a motivation for workers to get the COVID-19 shot.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

The whys and hows of COVID-19 vaccination

As COVID-19 vaccinations are approved and administered to a select population, many businesses wonder what it means for them.
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New Vancouver centre to produce vaccine doses

Precision NanoSystems Inc. has received $25.1 million in federal funding to create a manufacturing centre for nanomedicine.