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Health, wellness and the internet

The need for strong internet connection that facilitates all aspects of a tenant’s life—working, learning, exercising, socializing—is here to stay.
WiredScore launches certification of digital connectivity for the North American multifamily sector

Canadian Apartment Magazine

WiredScore introduces multifamily certification

The third-party certifier of digital connectivity in commercial buildings is launching a similar program for the North American multifamily sector.
TD Centre

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TD Centre first existing building in Canada to be Wired Certified

Wired Certification is the internationally recognized digital connectivity ratings system for commercial real estate that helps landlords design and promote their buildings' digital connectivity to tenants.
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WiredScore certification to launch in Canada

Proponents and early adopters suggest the program can provide simplified credibility for landlords and simplified assurance for tenants via a formal third-party building assessment and an easily decipherable rating system that is tied to rigorous criteria.