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Workplace harassment not limited to Hollywood

Cultural attitudes are shifting such that workplace harassment is becoming impossible to ignore, including in condo communities.
real estate talent

Canadian Property Management

Senior execs plumb real estate talent pool

Prominent senior real estate executives attempted to pin down the somewhat intangible concepts of leadership, team-building and inclusiveness during a panel discussion, earlier this fall in Toronto, to kick off BOMEX 2017.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

What are millennials really like in the workplace?

Are millennials really the acclaim-craving, job-hopping, social-media junkies they have variously been portrayed as?
staff engagement

Canadian Apartment Magazine

How to engage an underperforming staff

Boost productivity and employee satisfaction with these staff engagement tips from M&R Holdings' Randy Daiter
live-in superintendents

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Ontario leaves live-in superintendents exposed

For now, market demand and the goodwill of employers are still the prime determinants of superintendents' working conditions.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

FM complaints could inform employee well-being

Research on organizational productivity could make better use of valuable information archived in the facilities management department, a new report from the Continental Automated Buildings Association and the National Research Council concludes.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

Moving up from supervisor to facilities manager

So a facilities management supervisor wants to make the move to facilities manager. There are a few reality checks to consider first.
maintenance skills shortages

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Salaries linked to maintenance skills shortages

Employers' profile in the market and social media proficiency can help to attract jobseekers, while lengthy hiring processes can alienate job candidates and/or push them to openings with other employers.

Canadian Property Management

Pursuing WELL at CBRE’s new office in North York

CBRE now has four out of the ten WELL-registered projects in Canada: one in Vancouver and three in the GTA, including the Toronto North office.
job cuts

Canadian Property Management

Job cuts lead Newfoundland’s way forward

Promised actions include a 10 per cent reduction in the provincial government's building footprint, beginning with the return of 40,000 square feet of leased space to the market by March 31 this year.
staff engagement

Canadian Property Management

Report identifies top human resource challenges

The real estate industry figured highly into a national human resource study that helps organizations better understand human capital.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Design and construction skill shortages noted

Revit specialists and estimators have a commanding position in the labour market as the design professions actively embrace building information modelling (BIM) and the construction bid process grows more complex.
real estate employers

Canadian Property Management

Real estate employers keep a lid on salaries

Skill shortages are more select in other Canadian business sectors, while real estate employers report they are pressed to fill some of the industry's key job functions, including: commercial property manager; condominium manager; building operator; and commercial leasing agent.

REMI Network

Organizational change linked to physical, mental health sick leave

Canadian employees say organizational changes at their workplace are negatively affecting their physical and mental health.
work-life balance

REMI Network

Canadian workers feel support for work-life balance

Flexible work schedules is one of the most valued job perks among managers and employees in Canadian companies, and many feel support for work-life balance.
facility cleaning issues

REMI Network

Tips for communicating facility cleaning issues

Facility cleaning issues can often cause dysfunction between FM's and contractors. Here are ways to communicate problems and create a symbiotic workplace.
human resources

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Human Resources in Property Management

One of the most important aspects of property management is human resources.