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Problems underfoot

Hard-surface flooring is often selected because it’s practical. However, this doesn’t mean it's impenetrable. Here are five of the most common hard-surface floor problems and tactical solutions to resolve them.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

The resurgence of linoleum

Linoleum flooring fell into decline in the post-war era after the invention of vinyl flooring, which was cheaper and faster to produce and available in a wider range of colours. But as interest in sustainability and life cycle costing has grown ...


Understanding carpet warranties

Over the years, carpet warranties have changed considerably, limiting their liability. In some cases, the manufacturer will: specify what type of cleaning is appropriate to maintain the warranty; require cleaning receipts to indicate when and ...


High-performing acoustic floor underlayment

Demand for quiet between floors in multi-storey condos, highrise apartments and other tenanted buildings is on the rise, with less intrusion of neighbour noise seen not as a perk but an expectation.

Canadian Property Management

Underfloor air distribution

Textile ducts are now being introduced inside underfloor air distribution systems to transfer and distribute the supply air to exact zones of the system.

Design Quarterly

Remarkable realism

A renaissance of sorts is underway in the vinyl flooring industry. Choice is no longer limited to sheet vinyl, peel-and-stick with its contrived designs and faux finishes, and vinyl composition tile. Now, there are luxury vinyl tiles ...