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When cleaning schedules don’t work

The importance of cleaning schedules in hospitals, office buildings, schools, and other public facilities is becoming increasingly obvious, especially as the world returns to work

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When should founders retire from the cleaning industry?

Jansan company founders should ask themselves these questions when deciding what time is right to retire from the industry.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Cleaning schedules revisited in open offices

How can cleaning workers complete their tasks as office workers clock less defined work hours in open offices, challenging traditional cleaning schedules?
facility cleaning issues

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Tips for communicating facility cleaning issues

Facility cleaning issues can often cause dysfunction between FM's and contractors. Here are ways to communicate problems and create a symbiotic workplace.
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The value of applying a floor finish

Some facilities no longer apply protective finishes to floors due to time, cost and environmental issues. Here are some healthy and manageable options.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

RFPs: The cost of outdated specs

What building owners and managers don’t know about the changing world of the professional cleaning industry may be costing them.