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New condo in Toronto bets on market rebound

In tech-giant style, PRIME will offer 4,000 square feet of Facebook-inspired outdoor and indoor co-working space and an expansive 24-hour fitness facility.
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Real estate suffers uneven COVID-19 fallout

Market analysts foresee a varying degree of short-term and long-term impacts among real estate asset types, as well as supply chain interruptions that could slow activity at construction sites and in the booming distribution/warehouse sector.

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Spaces to open two co-working facilities at Zibi

Spaces is opening two new co-working facilities next year in the Zibi development, located in the downtown cores of Ottawa and Gatineau.
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Flexible workspace is changing Canada’s suburbs

The trend of flexible working is having a strong, socio-economic effect on suburban areas outside of big cities, according to new research.
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Offbeat locales hold co-working space bargains

Despite shared status for the lowest office vacancy rate in North America, co-working space in Toronto and Vancouver appears generally more affordable than in major markets in the United States.

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Staples Canada introduces new concept store

Staples Canada has rebranded as the Working and Learning Company and has launched its first new concept store in Kirkland, Quebec

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Startup transforms restaurants into daytime offices

The founder of Hailo has launched a new app, which turns restaurants only open at night into workspaces during the day.
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Office market faces evolving dynamics in 2017: report

The office market is experiencing an important shift as 2016 trends continued to play out in the first half of 2017.