Startup transforms restaurants into daytime offices

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The founder of Hailo, the global Uber-style taxi hailing app in Canada, has started up a new app called Flexday, which turns restaurants only open at night into workspaces during the day.

Following the trend of open-concept offices, the app creates a space for employees to colloaborate, but also provides a place for “distraction-free thinking,” and equips each site with fast WiFi, premium coffee and tea and a charging station at every table.

“We believe that where you work impacts how you work,” said Justin Raymond, founder and CEO of Flexday, who launched the app in Toronto. “In most offices, it’s really difficult for individuals or teams to solve a complex problem, put together a great presentation, or do anything else that requires focus. Cramped, uninspiring coffee shops with dodgy WiFi and tiny tables aren’t any better. We’re creating spaces for people to escape the distractions and unlock their best work.”

The company partners with restaurants that are only open for dinner, turning the otherwise vacant spaces into daytime work sites. Current Toronto partners include Marben on Wellington St. West and SpiritHouse on Adelaide St. West, with additional sites set to come on board in the coming weeks.

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