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GTA rental rates show signs of levelling out   

The rapidly declining GTA rental rates observed in 2020 and early 2021 appear to be levelling out, according to new data from Bullpen Research & Consulting and Rentals.ca.
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Average rent down 8.1% in Canada: October 2020

New rental data for October 2020 shows that average rents are down in most large metros, particularly for smaller luxury units located in busy neighbourhhoods.
rents are rising

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August rents declined in most Canadian markets

As August rents continued to decline in most Canadian markets, experts agree that the lower demand is a reflection of several COVID-related factors, including income loss.

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Affordable rental housing on national agenda

As 2019 begins, Canadians continue to face a well-chronicled slate of challenges when it comes to finding affordable rental housing. Here, housing experts share their insights...and even a few solutions.