Bathroom trends: personal touches

A growing focus on the bathroom as a personal retreat is reflected in emerging trends in bathroom design.

Hotel inspired residential bathroom designs

Bathrooms have been elevated over the years from simply utilitarian rooms to highly stylized spaces that not only evoke personal taste but customized lavishness.  Whether

Unique and functional faucets

Plumbing fixture stores today are showcasing numerous lavatory sinks in different shapes and dimensions. To complement the many forms, faucet manufacturers have stepped forward and

The growing appeal of large format tiles

In the late 2000s, a new type of tile developed out of Europe that was both very large and very thin. Today, large format tiles have tremendous versatility and appeal.

Consumers looking for customized bathrooms

Consumers are demanding more from their products, namely for customized bathrooms that are tailored to their own wants and needs.

Designing a bathroom oasis

Bathrooms don't have to be drab. New high-tech features means that transforming small spaces into personal spas is easier than ever.

High efficiency plumbing fixtures

Over the past 20 years, manufacturers have caught up technologically with the requirements established by the EPA and gone a few steps farther, introducing 1.28 gpf, 1 gpf and even 0.8 gpf toilets.

High-performance bathrooms

From varying faucet spout heights to all inclusive shower systems, designs are effortlessly blending technology and style, while allowing personal customization to enhance daily activities in the home.