Consumers looking for customized bathrooms

New products in the bath are offering customers more options and opportunities
Monday, April 14, 2014
By Donna Church

The trend of integrated home technology really took off in 2013. From lights controlled by apps to music in the shower and bath, consumers began to wonder how they ever lived without these useful innovations that allow for customized bathrooms.

These new technology offerings represent a shift based on consumer demand for greater customization in the home. This year, new products in the bath are going one step further, offering customers more options and opportunities to fine-tune designs to best suit their lifestyle.

Design trends are influenced by a variety of factors, including the real estate market. A competitive market has Canadians moving towards updating their space rather than upgrading their home. There are easy and affordable ways to update spaces without a complete overhaul. Small changes allow for customization to create a unique space, and many are starting with the bath.

Simple ways to transform a bathroom into a spa getaway are emerging, and more consumers are taking advantage of this trend. Standalone tubs are gaining momentum, adding a level of vintage elegance to any bathroom. But those without room for a separate tub and shower are looking for design innovations that fit their space and maximize their showering experience.

Integrating various water sources into the shower can create a relaxing getaway — even in small spaces. Many people settle for just a standard showerhead because they don’t want to renovate their plumbing to accommodate a second or third outlet. What they might not know is that there are fixtures that can be used to easily upgrade a standard fixed showerhead into a spa-like showering experience with handshower and slidebar functionalities.

Designed to accommodate a wide array of shower configurations, suddenly the options are endless and are designed based on personal showering preference. What’s best is all of this can be done without altering in-wall plumbing, making it suitable for easy remodels.

Plumbing brands are recognizing that when shopping, customers are looking for more customization options. Kitchen and bath design are so personal, and customers don’t want to simply buy a product off the shelf. Because of this demand, consumers are provided with more options that are custom made to suit their decor and lifestyle needs. For example, some manufacturers are offering consumers the chance to fully design their faucet online.

Customization is important, but that’s not all customers are looking for. Functionality is also a key feature of design, especially when it comes to organization. The bathroom can be a busy place for families, so organization and ease of use are essential.

A vanity tailored to individual style and needs is a great example of a smart place to renovate. Buyers can look for details like integrated electric outlets, trays, dividers and adjustable shelves for added benefit. With customizable options for size, configuration, finish and organization, consumers no longer need to settle for anything less than what works best for their needs.

Now more than ever, brands are listening to their customers’ wants and needs, and adapting to provide them the best choices. Whether reinventing a fan favourite in a new configuration, or launching a brand new product line with added customization benefits, the goal is to create products that turn customers’ bathrooms into the getaways that they’ve always dreamed of.

Donna Church is marketing and communications manager for Kohler Canada.

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