Sustainable Advice

forefront of sustainability

Outreach from the forefront of sustainability

Canada Green Building Council president and CEO, Thomas Mueller, outlines the agenda for this year's national conference and exposition.

Preparing heritage impact assessments

Heritage experts share tips on what to consider in the heritage impact assessment process.
Iris Tufa & Kyle Pinto

No contesting Earth Hour Challenge momentum

The commercial real estate sector's participation in Earth Hour leverages friendly competition to promote the potential for long-term energy savings.
hydronic heating

How to ensure hydronic heating system efficiency

In order for hydronic heating systems to run efficiently, system components have to be matched and sized correctly, while ongoing maintenance is key.

Smart grid enables electricity demand response

Through a soon-to-be-launched demand response (DR) pilot program, Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will assess the potential for reducing energy loads during periods of peak demand.

Surprising facts about plastics recycling

Krista Friesen, vice-president of sustainability at the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, offers updates on the process of plastics recycling.

Fiberglass yields sustainable advantage

Fiberglass windows offer benefits such as long-term cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, strength and durability and uniformity.
Net-zero buildings seen as manageable targets

Net-zero buildings seen as manageable targets

While green benchmarks such as LEED are provable targets, net-zero buildings have yet to gain momentum in the industry, mainly due to their perceived cost.
Energy Star Portfolio Manager

The benefits of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Roger Johnson, senior vice-president of enterprise real estate at TD, describes the benefits of implementing ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
parking lots

Measures to target oil pollution in parking lots

Kevin Daum, founder and president of Save the Oceans Inc., explains how building owners can responsibly mitigate damage from oil in parking lots.

Setting benchmarks in Toronto’s 2030 District

Toronto recently became the first city outside the U.S. to join a network of 2030 Districts – a collective initiative that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote district-wide benchmarking in response to climate change.

Standards for green roofs widely recognized

The Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) is developing guidelines for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs in that province — a process

Simple, economical options for energy savings

Conservation and demand management (CDM) specialists frequently use the term “low-hanging fruit” in reference to low-cost or no-cost sources of energy savings. Michael Lithgow, P.Eng.,

Ionization systems in commercial pools add value

Although sun-filled days of idling by the pool may be long gone until next summer, facility managers and building owners must still maintain commercial spas

Benefits to being Passive House certified

The Passive House standard—a performance-based energy standard—is currently a growing movement across North America. Since the standard can be applied not only to residential dwellings
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Managing energy usage with online tools

Phil Jago of Natural Resource Canada explains how the Energy Star Portfolio Manager can help cut energy usage for the good of properties and the planet.

The benefits of HVLS fans

HVLS fans can create a better experience for occupants while offering energy savings for management. Dean Wood of Envira-North Systems explains how.