Edmonton welcomes new modular apartment

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Edmonton’s first modular apartment made entirely of shipping containers is opening this month at 95th Avenue and 163th Street. Known as Westgate Manor, the three-storey, 20-unit multifamily development will bring much needed affordable housing to the area.

Constructed with an innovative all-steel modular building technology that uses surplus shipping-containers as its structural core, the apartment modules are fabricated in the Ladacor factory in Calgary, then transported to the infill site to be installed. In total the process takes three months, with less than a month needed to erect the modules for the apartment block on site.

Westgate Manor features a mix of two-bedroom and one-bedroom units, all with balconies and patios, attractive landscaping, modern design, and extensive parking.

“The re-purposing of the shipping containers is both an environmental consideration, as well as providing a far superior steel structure,” said AJ Sliviniski, President of Step Ahead Properties.  “Offering schedule savings and less site disruption to the area, the non-combustible, durable steel versus wood material leads to higher public safety, and overall higher quality and lower execution risk with factory manufactured predictability. By the time the project is finished it is indistinguishable from conventional construction.”

Finished with fibre cement siding, the new walk-ups will be a blend of the 1960s-era apartments already on the property, and should be welcoming tenants in the coming weeks.

Ladacor and Step Ahead Properties said they plan to continue their partnership on further apartment projects. Ladacor is also working on various projects for private and institutional developers for apartments, seniors’ lodges and affordable housing. Current projects include a multifamily apartment in Banff and a seniors’ lodge in Hythe, AB.

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