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5 benefits of outsourcing cleaning services

At a time of labour constraints, turning to outsourced facilities management can help maintain consistent, quality cleaning services.
Monday, November 8, 2021

Though many pandemic restrictions have eased and case numbers have fallen, it remains a challenging time for cleaning services providers and workers. Amid the already difficult climate, the cleaning industry – along with many others – has been suffering something of a labour crisis, with many business owners forced to overburden employees and reduce output.

These tough circumstances inhibit the quality of service, which is a huge dilemma given the increased expectation from the industry and the general public of enhanced cleaning and maintenance. Cutting corners is certainly not the answer, and as a result, many businesses are turning to facilities management companies to help with tasks like cleaning and disinfecting.

Outsourcing cleaning services to third-party providers can help to mitigate these impacts, writes Eric Roudi, CEO of commercial cleaning and facility services provider OpenWorks.

Roudi notes several ways that businesses can benefit from hiring a team of experts, not least that it can save time and effort in hiring and training workers and offers invaluable peace of mind, leaving managers free to focus their time, money, and resources on better investments.

Also, facilities management companies have access to the latest commercial-grade technology that makes conducting cleaning services far more efficient, such as industrial floor scrubbers vs a mop and bucket. Facilities management companies also have access to disinfecting technology and products that can be difficult for non-facilities management businesses to obtain.

Ultimately, working with a facilities management company can reduce the strain on time and resources, limit turnover, and increase employee satisfaction. It may not be a solution that is the best fit for everyone, and each facility manager should assess their own circumstances, but at a time when businesses are struggling to find and keep good workers, turning to outsourced facilities management can help managers maintain consistent and quality cleaning and facilities services.

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