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Edge computing centres are vulnerable to encroaching outdoor conditions

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Edge computing centres put a cloud in a cabinet

Seen as the next big thing in data services, small hubs located near end-users are also more vulnerable to the encroaching outdoor environment than are vast temperature-controlled data centres.

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CBRE Caledon invests in 12 Vantage data centres

CBRE Caledon acquired a stake in a $3.5-billion portfolio of 12 purpose-built high-quality data centres based in North America.
Data centres gain traffic during COVID-19 related business shutdowns

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Data centres gain traffic missing from highways

At least 84 Canadian commercial buildings have been abuzz during protracted COVID-19-related business shutdowns. They house the data centres that have literally underpinned the continued functioning of the economy.
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Montreal and Toronto court data centre demand

Market analysts attribute Montreal's healthy status to low electricity rates and the arrival of "big-name" cloud providers.

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First purpose-built data centre to rise in Montreal

The first purpose-built, next-generation data centre in Montreal is now under construction, scheduled for occupancy by the end of 2015. The Fonds immobilier de solidarité
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Energy standard for data centres up for review

A proposed energy standard from ASHRAE known as the Energy Standard for Data Centers and Telecommunications Buildings, is open for its first public review until