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illegal evictions COVID-19

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New York State cracks down on illegal evictions

Rising concerns in New York State over illegal evictions during the lockdown period has prompted the Attorney General to beef up provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable tenants.
fossil-fuel-fired generators tumble offline during global COVID-19 outbreak

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Fossil-fuel-fired generators tumble offline

Renewable energy advocates see opportunities to accelerate 2019 trends, when, for the first time ever, low-carbon options surpassed coal as a source of electricity.
Short-term rental providers switch pursue longer term leases as COVID-19 halts travel and globetrotting young professionals

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European landlords pursue longer term leases

Short-term rental housing providers in major European cities are now pursuing local tenants and advertising more mid- and long-term availabilities as a hedge against slumping international travel.
global construction

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Global construction output to shrink in 2020

As a result of the severe economic shock caused by COVID-19, global construction output is expected to contract by 1.4 per cent in 2020.
More investors could be considering real estate as a migration portal in the wake of COVID-19


Real estate gains allure as migration portal

Henley & Partners has charted a first quarter pickup in investment programs that offer a gateway to residence in Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, and projects a growing appetite for similar opportunities elsewhere in the European Union.

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Medium-term rental agreements plunge across EU

The platform typically boasts about 50,000 active listings for rental accommodations, stretching across several European markets that have suffered high rates of COVID-19.
fire and life safety guidance for ad hoc healthcare space

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Code rigour relaxed for ad hoc health care space

The NFPA guidance on alternative compliance options was developed to address four scenarios that have been rapidly arising in the United States.
sliding RevPAR

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Hotels brace for steeply sliding RevPAR in Q2

Already, it’s projected that the COVID-19 hit on hotels will be more severe than the combined losses following the 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S. and 2008 economic crisis.
U.S. fragrance industry asks for exemptions to COVID-19 related business shutdowns

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Fragrance lobby touts role in COVID-19 response

Advocates have appealed to U.S. government officials for exemptions from any mandated business closures, arguing that the industry provides important support for effective cleaning procedures.
pesticide classification scale allows users to make risk comparisons

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Pesticide classification scale scopes out risk

Researchers applied a range of filtering criteria to categorize 659 pesticides as highly hazardous, high-risk or lower risk, and support comparisons of risks posed to human and environmental health.
real estate arms of major Canadian pension funds scrutinized for COVID-19 responsibility to workers

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Purpose-built rental drives U.S. MURB market

A new report from Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies explores the condition of rental housing stock, the demographics of tenant households, market dynamics and the erosion of affordability.

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Push to broaden pet-friendly parameters

Animal welfare advocates in the United States are funding research to explore the mutual benefits for people and pets when they live together.
accessible destinations

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Portugal’s accessible destinations applauded

Portugal has received the first-ever Accessible Tourist Destination award, a new honour the United Nations World Tourism Organization and Spain's Fundaciόn ONCE jointly created.
renewable energy consumption

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Renewable energy consumption lags 2020 targets

Germany, the UK, Sweden and Spain all draw on renewable sources for more than 10 per cent of consumption. From there, the prominence of renewable supply declines significantly.
CCA Awards of excellence

Design Quarterly

Prize to celebrate elegant energy efficiency

Any building that has attained Passive House, Low Energy or EnerPHit for existing building retrofit certification is eligible for the international architecture competition.

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Many UK co-working users prefer traditional office

Forty per cent of co-working users in the United Kingdom would rather work in a conventional office space.
rental management services

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Value of FM services poised to soar: report

Rising investments in smart city projects across the world have led to the growing demand for facility management services.