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Oxford looks to pump up Australia's institutional-grade multifamily inventory

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Australia awaits institutional-grade multifamily

Oxford Properties is targeting opportunities to pump up Australia’s institutional-grade multifamily inventory and capture renters locked out of the booming housing markets in Sydney and Melbourne.
U.S. looks to UK's BIM expertise

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U.S. looks to United Kingdom’s BIM expertise

Building sciences practitioners in the United States are looking to the United Kingdom for guidance as they develop a national building information management (BIM) program aligned with international standards.
CPP Investments is among global top 10 real estate investors for 2021

Canadian Property Management

CPP among global top 10 real estate investors

CPP Investments is one of five pension plan managers on the list, along with three global insurance/asset management firms and two sovereign wealth funds.
GID Industrial will target last-mile sites in major U.S. markets

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Ivanhoé Cambridge targets U.S. last-mile sites

Together, the two partners forming GID Industrial have 19 million square feet of industrial inventory in 15 American markets.
Stargazers evoke conflicting demands for lighting in remote settings

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Stargazers evoke conflicting lighting demands

The U.S. National Parks Service is teaming with the Illuminating Engineering Society to devise an outdoor lighting standard that supports safety and navigability with minimum infringement on night-sky viewing.
IcGG requirements

Construction Business

New roadmap for navigating IgCC requirements

ASHRAE and the International Code Council have collaborated on a users’ manual to support understanding and interpretation of the 2018 International Green Construction Code.
Celebrated attractions convey spinoff real estate value


Iconic sites convey spinoff real estate value

Niagara Falls, and Jasper are the two Canadian entrants on a largely European and American list of locales associated with celebrated global attractions.
Real estate listing for American Irish Historical Society draws U.S. and Irish ire

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Real estate listing draws U.S. and Irish ire

Regulatory hurdles are forewarned before any new owner can take possession of the 120-year-old Beaux-Arts mansion housing the American Irish Historical Society.
hotel housekeepers

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Hotel housekeepers now being paid to get COVID-19 vaccine

Some employers are starting to offer paid time off as a motivation for workers to get the COVID-19 shot.
cleaning service providers

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

First cleaning service provider achieves GBAC STAR accreditation

CCS Facility Services is the first business in the world to achieve GBAC STAR Service Accreditation for cleaning service providers.
Larger share of consumer complaints lodged with New York State Attorney General are tied to events of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Pandemic-related scams skew consumer complaints

Landlord-tenant disputes ranked a distant third in the tally of consumer complaints lodged with the New York State Attorney General last year.
Passive House philosophy

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Quest to capture Passive House philosophy

The winning effort will be incorporated into a planned year of active messaging on the theme that energy efficiency is the foremost step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Manitoba Hydro abandons international consulting business

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Manitoba Hydro nixes international consulting

The move will shift domestic elements of the engineering, utility management, high voltage and telecommunication business units back into Manitoba Hydro’s fold and cede the global marketplace to other competitors.
Isle of Man and Jersey rank among the most welcoming havens for high-net-worth individuals

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Self-governing islands judged welcoming havens

Isle of Man and Jersey are drawing high-net-worth individuals looking for a combination of financial secrecy and low corporate taxes, advises a leading mortgage broker for such clientele.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Disinfectants: Are we at the end of the road?

Scientists at a South African university say there's a growing risk of SARS-CoV-2 developing resistance to disinfectants and antibiotics.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Washington, D.C. law reinstates pandemic-hit workers

A law set to take effect later this month or in March will reinstate displaced local workers as their former positions begin to become available again.
hotel sanitation

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Improving hotel sanitation with innovative new steps

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort in Mexico is not only cleaning and disinfecting its rooms but also its guests, thanks to sanitation booths.