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renewable energy consumption

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Renewable energy consumption lags 2020 targets

Germany, the UK, Sweden and Spain all draw on renewable sources for more than 10 per cent of consumption. From there, the prominence of renewable supply declines significantly.
Brexit ripple effects

Canadian Property Management

Canada could see some Brexit ripple effects

Uncertainty in the United Kingdom and European Union could further accentuate the attractiveness of Canadian real estate, but doesn't alter the perception that this is a difficult market to penetrate.

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Brexit uncertainty afflicts UK property market

Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin are tagged to capture investment diverted from London if voters in the United Kingdom opt to leave the European Union.
U.K. heating costs

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Shoddy insulation adds to U.K. heating costs

Energy efficiency proponents calculate that dilapidated, poorly insulated dwellings add extra and unnecessary annual energy costs for a majority of householders in the United Kingdom.

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U.K. landlords to invest in energy efficiency

Landlords in the United Kingdom risk losing the rental and investment value of their buildings if they do not meet minimum energy performance standards by April 2018.

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Greece afoul of EU Energy Efficiency Directive

Although the beleaguered Hellenic Republic is just one of the vast majority of members that have not yet fulfilled prescribed commitments, the European Commission has thus far referred only Greece and Hungary to the EU Court of Justice.

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EU contemplates foam insulation ban

The European Parliament's environmental committee has moved to ban foam insulation manufactured with ...